Realitus are UK web experts and specialist digital media, web 2.0 and WordPress consultants.

Realitus has been set up to advise organisations on how to develop highly effective web marketing strategies. We work in the areas of ecommerce, marketing, web design and graphic design. We were part of the WordPress community from fairly early days, being on of the first to adapt WordPress to purposes beyond just blogging.

Realitus: Interactive Media Award Winners 2010

award winning web design

"...an incredibly sophisticated purchasing dashboard"

We are massively pleased to have won the IMA award 2010 for the design  of The Watch Hut. It is an e commerce site for the UK’s largest watch website. It breaks completely new ground in the area of purchasing interfaces, offering a rich purchasing dashboard, incorporating right and left brain processes for screen positioning and the ability to simply and intuitively make filtered navigation choices across thousands of criteria without any complexity in the process. It has been described as “…an incredibly sophisticated purchasing dashboard”. Please read our Press release and case study

Beyond the award we like to apply the same approach to everything we do – a thorough look at the challenge, the users and the technology and make informed and creative decisions based on that.


We feel we are using the most potent web platform available: WordPress. We provide advice, design and development of sites and we  deliver ongoing management and guidance. We base our approach, websites, corporate blogs and communication strategies around the best practices We are technology independent, platforms such as ASP or PHP are just development mechanisms. It is more about or good usability and interface design and quite often adopting the best amost flexible tools avaialable, which is why we have done so well with the powerful WordPress platform.

Our big idea can be simply put: Good ideas don’t just happen, you have to make them happen. And certainly one of the best ideas for a decade is happening right under everyone’s noses in the shape of WordPress. Businesses large and small from Tamworth to Tasmania have been waking up to the potency and effectiveness of WordPress and bringing the Realitus WordPress Consultants in to make it happen for them.

Marketing through Social Media is becoming a hotter topic by the day. Our experience is that corporations have been caught by surprise and there is a collective head-scratching session going on.

The problem is that most corporations are a part of the ’social networking’ scene whether they know it or not because people will be passing judgment, deifying or damning them all over the web anyway. Any marketing minded company is going to want to do something about that. But traditional marketing intervention is not easy. Social networks don’t follow a traditional media model and culturally they are massively different.

We stand out because before we did what we do now, we did what you did. We managed and ran businesses, big plc businesses and little struggling businesses. So we know where you’re coming from. We’ve been down the same road.

We have nailed our colours to an open source approach to the web – these days that is almost exclusively WordPress. And if you haven’t heard what is going on with WordPress, you should really give us a call.

Let’s make some good ideas happen.